Welcome from the M3TA MOGULS Legal & Compliance Team

We are excited to have you working with us and are looking forward to a long and prosperous experience together.

Our responsibility in M3TA MOGULS is broken into two key roles.

Firstly, to make sure that all important elements of M3TA MOGULS are developed within regulatory guidelines. All marketing, promotions materials, websites, back-office and much more, must be approved by our Legal division before being released to you, our members. Our second responsibility is performed by our Compliance division.

M3TA MOGULS has strict marketing rules in place regarding language that members can use with their own marketing efforts. As we move from our Pre-Launch period into our Full Launch, a variety of NFT products will become available to members, including some NFTs that send regular Sphere Rewards to the owners of the NFTs.

Marketing language in particular must meet strict standards when discussed by members on all forms of Social Media marketing and recordings.

Any misrepresentation of passive Sphere Rewards earning labeled as investments, return on investment, ROI etc. are strictly prohibited. Any member identified breaking these rules may receive One Written warning and will be required to remove non-compliant marketing immediately. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the member from the M3TA MOGULS community.

M3TA MOGULS may in its sole discretion remove a member without a written warning based on the nature and scope of the violation. Our ultimate role is to oversee the protection of M3TA MOGULS and the entire community for a long and successful partnership.

Warmest regards,

The Legal and Compliance Team